Don't Let Your Debt Control Your Life

Don't Let Your Debt Control Your Life

Contact The Law Office of Paul S. Levy to help you file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Hempstead, NY

Filing for and declaring bankruptcy can allow you to manage your debt on new terms. Chapter 13 bankruptcy lets you set up payment plans to minimize and eliminate your debt gradually. If you need assistance with Chapter 13 bankruptcy, turn to The Law Office of Paul S. Levy. Our lead attorney serves all of Hempstead, NY.

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Wondering if you can file for bankruptcy?

Filing for bankruptcy is an extensive process with many different requirements. You may not qualify for Chapter 13 bankruptcy if you:

Have filed for bankruptcy in the last two years
Aren't filing as an individual or jointly as a husband and wife
Your debt exceeds the maximum debt for Chapter 13 bankruptcy

Chapter 13 bankruptcy has a maximum amount of both unsecured and secured debt. For more information on this debt cap, contact a bankruptcy attorney today.